“FINALLY, I received the revelation of how much God loves me. He grabbed my heart, my hand in The Garden Within. I have a whole new strength and outlook, and now, I ache to be with Him.”

~ Joni Patterson

His Secret Garden Within You

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What an awesome God we serve. He loves to be our wall of protection while He builds His Garden of Eden on earth from within us. In this NEW addition I have linked up with Darien Cooper. Our spirits were linked together to combine the flow of living water coming from our inner garden to release a greater flow for our gardens restoration and for others! Jesus wants to REBUILD the RUINED PLACES and REPLANT that which is desolate! Enter into this journey with us and see the garden of your soul be transformed into His Garden of Eden!

The Garden Within

Are you ready to meet with God in the secret place of your soul?

Then join me in this journey to the Garden Within, A Journey to Wholeness, my first book release. Jesus, the Master Gardener, absolutely knows what you were born for, because He created you for that purpose. He is perfecting you into His image. Before you were ever born, He knew you. He walked and talked with you in the very same garden you will enter on this journey. “Here on the ground which is hard now, I will make it a vineyard.” ~ Jesus